Hi fellow explorers!


My name is Jacki and I have been living in England for 14 years.

I am originally from sunny South Africa and occasionally still miss the warm outdoor climate.

I am passionate about creating and conducting outdoor Intimate Elopements and small celebrations in the beautiful Cornish countryside for like-minded, free-spirited couples who love a quirky, alternative ceremony.

I enjoy using symbolic elements and objects to help create a connection to the landscape.


I am fascinated by love stories and I love hearing how you both met and how I can incorporate your story into a meaningful ceremony for you.


I did not want to have a traditional church wedding so I had a small Buddhist wedding ceremony in a garden oasis, nestled in an arid area of South Africa, surrounded by a few family members and friends.

One of our guests made a delicious “Indian Fertility Rice Pudding” for us to enjoy and I am happy to report that we have 3 beautiful daughters so the pudding worked well!


I had my own Architectural Design business and loved designing practical, beautiful homes for my clients to live in and call “home”. I bring that same passion and commitment to you in creating and building a practical, beautiful, heartfelt and unique ceremony, one that you, hopefully, will remember for always.

I enjoy doing art and crafts and listening to music.

 Dance is one of my favourite pastimes too and I love going to belly/bolly dancing every week.

I have recently joined the dance troupe so I'm needing lots of practice which keeps me on my toes! 

If you would like to find out more, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I can’t wait to be part of your amazing journey as you embark on an exciting future together.


Lots of WILD BLESSINGS to you

Jacki xx

it must be love...

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