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Family Unity Blessing - £350

(joining of 2 families with children)


When the couple already have children from a previous relationship, it is very important to include them in any ceremony you may have. A Sand Ritual is one of the most common ways to do this but there are so many other meaningful options to try. One that is suitable for younger children is the "Family Sweet Jar". Each member of the family brings a few of their favourite sweets and adds them to a lovely glass sweet jar set up on the table in front. This is a wonderful visual way to symbolise that everyone brings their own flavour into the mix with their own strengths and talents.

Another simple, fun way is to create a personally decorated word like family or love. Each member paints and decorates a single letter of the chosen word. On the day of the ceremony the letters are bought forward and placed one-by-one on the table upfront. Having this type of ceremony outside at a favourite spot is often less restricting and more fun for children too. I hope these ideas have given you something to consider in making your ceremony unique and special -

just for your family.

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