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Will my marriage be legal?

No. My Ceremonies and Blessings are not legal. If you would like it to be legal you may book an appointment with the local Registry Office and have the legal service first, then come to me so we can create an awesome Ceremony of your choice, exactly how you would like it.


Do you offer Same Sex Ceremonies?

Yes. Love knows no limits or boundaries. In today’s world, if you are lucky to find love, I say hang onto it with both hands.


Does it matter what religion, faith or culture we belong to?

No. I custom create my Ceremonies/Blessings to suit each individual couple and will incorporate any ideas, traditions, readings or symbolism to give you a ceremony that is as unique as you both are.


Where can we hold our Ceremony?

Anywhere that is safe, above or below ground or on water… in a cave, up a tree, on a boat.. You decide!


Can it be outdoors?

Yes, I love doing outdoor ceremonies in the wild Cornish Landscape. It makes us all feel grounded and connected to the land and it makes for amazing atmospheric photographs for you to treasure.


When can I hold it?

Sunrise, sunset, full moon and any time in between. The choice is yours.


Can I include a Symbolic Ceremony/readings/poems/music?

Of course you can. We will work together to make your Ceremony unique and personal.


Can you recommend any venues?

Yes, I can advise on many wonderful, beautiful locations and venues.


How long does a Ceremony last?

The average Ceremony lasts for 20-40 mins depending on what readings, music, poems or symbolic ceremony you have included.


Will we be able to meet before?

If you are visiting Cornwall, or are local, we may be able to meet face-to-face. If not we will be able to Skype or chat over the phone.


Will I need a rehearsal?

If you are having an Elopement Ceremony, there is no need to have a rehearsal as it will usually just be the two of you. If you are having a Micro-Wedding then you may decide to have one but as there will only be 10 people max it is often not necessary.


What is the difference between a Celebrant and a Registrar?

The Registrar is not allowed to include any religious/spiritual content into the ceremony and has to stick to a script. You would not be able to personalise your ceremony in any way but you can say your own vows. You are also only allowed 30 mins for the ceremony and would not previously meet the person who does the service.

A Celebrant is independent so can provide you with a custom, personalised wedding script. You would be able to meet them beforehand and your ceremony can include any symbolic, religious, personal content that you want and be as long or as short as you like.


Can we write our own wedding vows?

Yes you can. If you need any advice, I am here to help.