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Hand-fasting Ritual - £400

This is one of the most popular ceremonies at the moment especially among couples who follow a nature-based Pagan/Wiccan path. This ritual predates Christianity. If either of you have any Celtic Heritage then this is the perfect way for you to connect and honour your historical background in a meaningful and respectful way. There are many different ways to perform this ritual using ribbons. cords or scarves tied around your wrists/hands. You can decide if you would like your hand-fasting to be for "a year and a day", "for as long as love lasts" or "for eternity".

I have a wonderful, interactive hand-fasting ritual honouring the 4 Elements as you travel around the circle. It is a special ceremony for adventurous couples who have children as there are many ways everyone can participate and feel included in the ceremony. When the tied cords,ribbons or scarves are removed at the end of the ritual, the couple will then be bound together of their own free will for the time that they chose.

(Custom handcrafted cords, in colours to match your theme are available - £30 extra)