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1- Information for your guests (prior to arrival of bride)

   Mobile phones on silent, group photo information, toilets


2- Welcome and Introduction

    Formally welcome all your guests to your wedding day.

    Share “Your love story” telling a little bit about you both as a couple.


3- Reading

   Including readings, poems and quotes really personalizes a ceremony.  

   It reflects words and sentiments that are important to you.

   The Internet is a great place to discover other readings and poems you love.

   You are welcome to have as many readings as you like.

   Important people in your life, can have a specific role at your ceremony.


4- Procession and Presentation of Bride

   After the bride has walked down the aisle she may formally be given away.

   Traditionally a bride’s father has taken this role, but it can be any person you  like.

   You may also simply walk down the aisle to meet the Groom standing in the front.


5- The I Do’s

   Couples like to keep the tradition of saying ‘I Do’, though it is not compulsary.

   A question is asked to both the groom and bride, with the response being ‘I Do’













6- Vows

    Making your vows is a really special moment.

    You are free to write your own vows. Your vows don’t have to be the same.

    You can take bits and pieces from vows  you’ve read elsewhere.

    Be sure to choose something you’re both comfortable with.

    You can repeat your vows after me or read out your own ones on the actual day.


7- Ring Ceremony

   During the exchange of rings, couples often like to make a further pledge.

   “This ring is a symbol of the vows we have made, accept it with my  love”.

   The Best Man, Maid of Honour or someone else can present you with the rings.


8- Unity Ceremony

   Unity ceremonies are very popular to symbolize the uniting of the two of you.

   There are many forms of unity ceremonies as they are very adaptable.

   They can be revised to include important members of your family or friends.


9- Declaration of Marriage

   This is the part where you are officially declared "married" and you may then kiss.


10- Presentation of couple

     This is the bit where you are presented as the new Mr and Mrs........


11-  Closing comments and any other extra info required to tell guests.



This is a simple overview of a typical ceremony. If you are having an Elopement Ceremony it would be much simpler as you may not need all the sections listed above. Feel free to use the sections that resonate with how you want your ceremony to feel.