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  • Sand.  Pour 2 different coloured sands into single container.

  • Water.  Pour 2 different coloured waters into single bottle.

  • Wine.  Pour a red and a white wine into single glass and share it.

  • Candle.  Light a single larger candle from 2 seperate smaller ones.

  • Rose/Flower.  A rose or flower is exchanged between couple or given to Mothers/Grandmothers

  • Quaich.  A double handled bowl used for sharing your first drink after your vows.

  • Black and Tan. Similar to water/wine rituals but using pale ale/dark stout

  • Jumping the Broom.  At the end of the ceremony the couple jump the broom into their new life

  • Tree Planting.  A tree/plant is potted using soil from memorable places of the couple.

  • Unity Knot.  Couple take turns braiding 3 cords and tie a knot at the end.

  • Infinity Flower Garland. A long flower garland is placed around couples neck/shoulders in figure 8 to symbolize their union is eternal.

  • Circling.  The couple takes turn circling each other after each vow.

  • Oathing Stones. The couple each hold a stone when saying vows then gives it to each other.

  • Flower Circle. Guests take a flower and create a circle in which the couple stand for  their ceremony.

  • Lego Heart.  Couple build a Lego Heart together before or after vows.

  • Chocolate Ritual 1.  Couple taste bitter then sweet chocolate symbolizing old life/new life.

  • Chocolate Ritual 2.  Couple exchange a choc that reminds them of each other and says why.

  • Gift Giving.  Couple exchange a small gift, explaining why they chose it.

  • Flower Circle.  Couple create their own circle together before saying vows then step inside it

  • Handfasting.  Couples hands get wrapped with cord/ribbon/scarf to symbolize union.

which one adds the beautiful touch to your ceremony?