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I can’t begin to understand what you must be going through right now. I am not sure of the right words to use to comfort you but please know that I am wanting to help you all however I can. I hope you will be open to the option I have thought of as a way to be of service to all couples, anywhere in the world, out there who are disappointed, hurting and disheartened.


It may still be possible to have the ‘wedding of your dreams’ even if your dream has evolved and changed from your original vision. Weddings at venues with Registrars may be postponed a lot longer than we anticipate - some sources say legal weddings may be held off until September/October. I realise this is a long time to wait. With so many weddings having to be postponed and dates changed, many venues are fully booked for next year and beyond as they have all tried to accommodate the weddings that have been moved forward. 


I hope to offer you a glimmer of hope with the option of enjoying a heartfelt, meaningful ceremony via ZOOM or equivalent. While I know this may not be suitable for everyone, I am hoping that there are some adventurous trailblazers and explorers who are willing to step into the WILD UNKNOWN and experience a WILD BLESSING CEREMONY for themselves.



I hope this will appeal to those of you who were planning to have an Intimate Elopement. You can now have an even more intimate ‘Intimate Elopement’. Picture candlelight, soft music, champagne perhaps, a few tasty chocolates and juicy strawberries, a mini decorated cake…. And me! You may have your ceremony indoors or out using your laptop. I have decorated my attic into a beautiful, peaceful space (twinkly lights included) in which to conduct your ceremony.


Because I am an Independent Celebrant, there are no restrictions to the time, place or content of your ceremony. It is all about you and what is meaningful to you both. Your ceremony can be recorded so you can send it to those you love too!  


You may want to invite a few guests to join you online if an Elopement is not your thing. They can share in your ceremony, participating by doing a reading for you. I will have the opportunity to meet you via Skype or Facetime so we can chat about your ceremony needs and then I will custom create a personal ceremony just for you.  After your ceremony, I will email and post you a Certificate along with your script, for you to keep.







When this is all over you can enjoy a BIG PARTY at your original venue with all your family and friends around you to celebrate your commitment. When the Registrars reopen, if you still want to legalise your wedding, most Councils offer a simple ‘No-Frills’ service to sort out the legalities, usually about £50.


Online Wedding Ceremonies will probably become a popular option in the future and they are also suitable for Vow Renewals, Handfastings (with an extra person there to help tie the cords if possible) and also for Baby Naming Ceremonies too! 





Online Ceremonies are really beneficial to brides and grooms who suffer with anxiety issues and don't want to be the centre of attention with all the focus being on them. This is a very intimate, non-threatening option for them as they can feel safe and secure in their own environment.


For those who need to keep an eye on their budget, this is a super-affordable option as there are no venue costs involved and no travel costs for either of us! Just maximum meaningful, loving vibes which are priceless!  Dressing up is optional but it does make your ceremony feel that extra bit special.  

If there is any way I can help you or if you would like more information, please contact me.


What’s included:


Free first online meeting to discuss your ceremony needs

Personal Script of your ceremony for you to approve

Unlimited email/skype meetings

Conducting your ceremony at a mutually convenient time

(approx 30-40mins)

Decorative Certificate

Commemorative copy of Script




(deposit of £100 to secure your date - balance due 2 weeks before ceremony)

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