Wild Blessing Ceremonies For Wild Hearts
Jacki Clement
Small Wild Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant
Penzance, Cornwall

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A warm, breezy Saturday in September found us heading up the North Coast of Cornwall to a beautiful venue with stunning sea views set high on the cliffs overlooking Mawgan Porth. When we arrived at the ceremony room, it was perfect. The floral arrangements placed at the beginning of the aisle and on the ceremony table itself were stunning in a palette of blush pinks, reds and wild greenery. Not long after, the handsome Groom arrived with his 2 beautiful well behaved dogs in tow and his 3 Groomsmen. Soon their excited guests started gathering and chatting as they found their seats to await the arrival of our Beautiful Bride.

The ceremony went smoothly and afterwards drinks and canapes were served on the terrace before the couple headed off for their photographs on the terrace. After their delicious meal later in the afternoon more photos were taken on the beach with the beautiful golden light just before sunset adding a magical glow.

I caught up with them a few weeks later to ask them to tell us more about their day.
This is what they had to say...

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If you used a venue,what made you choose it? or if it was outdoors, how did you choose it?

Bedruthan Hotel - we chose this beautiful venue as it overlooks the beach so we could get sunset beach photos, it's dog friendly, has excellent food, we could have a mini-moon there and enjoy a massage too. It was great for under 25 guests and the price was right.

How did you pick your photographer/videographer and why?


I originally googled elopement wedding photographer Cornwall and then scrolled down Google images ... then clicked on the photos I liked... though we changed to a hotel wedding.
Jo and Patrick, our photographers from Enchanted Brides were amazing!!
They made us feel so comfortable and guided us as to what to do. They were great with our dogs too!

Did you have a theme or vibe for your big day and why was this important to you

It was important for us that our dogs could come as they are our fur babies.

Were there any special family traditions or moments with family involved in this wedding day?

Jacki made beautiful ribbon cords for our handfasting that incorporated our family heritages along with where we met and fell in love.


What made you choose Wild Blessing Ceremonies as your celebrant?

Our photographer suggested Jacki and we then read the reviews and we were sold!!

On the day, how did Jacki/Mike make your ceremony feel special for you?

Jacki was just amazing!! She incorporated our vision and gave us guidance where we needed help. I really love that she gave us a copy of the ceremony so that I could read it after the wedding again ... and will be able to for years to come.

Were there any suppliers that really stood out for you and why?

Enchanted Brides photography - Jo and Patrick were simply amazing

Please list all the suppliers that you used. (if applicable)

Enchanted Brides photography did our photographs

Cake Corner 42 did our wedding cake - It was totally us and one of a kind!!

Twigs & Green our florist (Jen) did all our gorgeous flowers

Serendipity(Amanda & Pippa) did our Hair & Makeup

Stargazey Wedding Decorfor decoration hire

Tell us about your outfit and accessories, if any.

Dress- Essense of Australia D2639 (Designed in a classic ballgown silhouette - a Mikado gown)

Suit from Moss Bros

Accessories from Etsy


What was your favourite part of the day and why?

The ceremony was genuinely my favourite part - it was so beautiful and will stay with me for a lifetime.

What was a special moment of your day that stood out in your memory?

My husband's speech- it was really touching and heartfelt

Would you change any part of your day or do some things differently. If so what would it be?

We didn't need as much food as I thought we did!
We started dinner at 5pm and then evening snacks/buffet at 9.30pm. We didn't need as much buffet food at 21.30

Please share your top tips and advice for other couples embarking on their wedding journey.

Budget £1500 more than you think it'll be.
Also to have my wedding dress cleaned and preserved is costing £200 so keep the extras in mind.

It's worth every penny in the end as its memories for a lifetime

Would you please leave me a short testimonial to use on my Social Media?

Jacki held our wedding at the Bedruthan Hotel in September 2021... it was just magical and everything we hoped it would be. Jacki created a ceremony that matched us and our vision... She also guided us with ideas where we needed help. It honestly touched us more than we thought it would and that's saying something. I would recommend her to all my loved ones. Thank you so much.

I hope this mini-blog has inspired you and you will also want to enjoy your ceremony with us. Whether it is indoors or out, we will endeavor to create a magical wedding ceremony, just for you, that will exceed your expectations and dreams.

Thank you for reading!


One of the last days in June, on a beautiful, balmy evening, our lovely couple, the photographers and myself hiked across a wild cliff top towards the edge of the world. Lands End to be precise! Our reason - to hold a really magical elopement for our Canadian couple who love wildness and solitude.

I worked with them over a few weeks, getting to know them, finding out their love story and to see if they had any interests that we could use for inspiration. My couple did not disappoint and we were able to include quotes from a favourite childhood book.

I asked them a few questions which I hope will help other couples who are thinking about having a wild outdoor elopement in the rugged landscape of Cornwall.

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Here are their answers -

If you used a venue, what made you choose it?
We did not use a venue. Our view was Lands End and it was perfect!!

How did you pick your photographer and why?
We found Jo and Patrick by searching Cornwall Elopement. We saw their photos and WOW we knew they would be perfect.

Did you have a theme or vibe for your big day and why was this important to you?
The theme was Cornwall Elopement, just the two of us (with Jacki, Jo, and Patrick) and it was PERFECT!

What made you choose Wild Blessing Ceremonies as your celebrant?
Jacki came highly recommended by Jo and Patrick from Enchanted Brides Photography and after the ceremony we totally understand why!!! Such thought and care went into creating our special ceremony for us. Everything was perfect!!

On the day, how did Jacki make your ceremony feel special for you?
We aren’t very traditional in regards to wedding ceremonies, we were happy with our ring and our own vows, but Jacki took it one step further and created a whole drink making ceremony for us to do as our first task as a married couple!! It was so fun and really creative the way it was tied into the ceremony. So fun!!


Tell us about your outfit and accessories, if any.
Wedding dress, suit, rings! We didn’t need anything else!

What was your favourite part of the day and why?
The whole evening was perfect, from the ceremony to the photos!!

Would you change any part of your day or do some things differently. If so, what would it be?
No, it was perfect!!

If you have been inspired by these amazing photographs by Jo and Patrick from Enchanted Brides and are now feeling excited to have your own wild outdoor wedding ceremony, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have so many ‘secret locations’ that may be perfect for you.

To chat further and to book your own ceremony, here is my phone number - 07748456403

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Jacki made us feel immensely special.

On a beautiful Friday evening, just around sunset, Jo, Patrick and I made our way over green fields with early Spring blossoms peeping out along our path. We were heading down to the stunning picturesque Porth Saxon Beach for the outdoor wedding of our lovely couple. This part of the Helford River is popular amongst sailors and those who love spending time on the water on all sorts of dinghies, small sailboats and larger wooden vessels, which provided an amazing backdrop for the wedding photographs. The ceremony included a hand-fasting using a 2m length of boating rope to symbolise their union and also reflects their love of sailing. Another ritual we incorporated was filling a small glass jar of the sand where they stood to say their vows. This means that whatever adventures they enjoy throughout their lives, they will always have a bit of Cornwall to take along with them.

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I sent them a few questions to answer a short while after their wedding. Their answers will hopefully help you when planning your own outdoor wedding Elopement or Micro-wedding with us, here in Cornwall.

This is what they had to say!

If you used a venue, what made you choose it?
We did not use a venue as we wanted to have our ceremony on Porth Saxon Beach on the Helford River. It's a beach that we visit regularly and is a beautiful and memorable place on a stretch of water where we regularly sail as well.

How did you pick your photographer and why?
We picked Jo and Patrick by looking through their instagram feed and their Cornwall Elopement website.

Did you have a theme or vibe for your big day and why was this important to you?
Our vibe was laid back. We wanted it to be relaxed with no stress involved. It was really important for it to be fun and for us to be surrounded by family and friends on a beach we love.

What made you choose Wild Blessing Ceremonies as your celebrant?
Jacki was part of the Cornwall Elopement deal.

On the day, how did Jacki make your ceremony feel special for you?
Jacki made us feel immensely special.


Were there any suppliers that really stood out for you and why?
Everyone we used really helped us to make the day special. Our rings were made by the fabulously talented team at Justin Duance Jewellers in nearby Penzance.

Tell us about your outfit and accessories, if any.
Melissa wore a phase 8 knee length dress and a handmade fresh flower crown from the Cornish Cutting Garden. Brendan wore a white shirt with a pattern of tiny blue flowers and dark blue trousers with a waistcoat. He had a beautiful white rose surrounded with greenery for his buttonhole.

What was your favourite part of the day and why?
It would be very hard to choose one particular part of our celebration. The ceremony was really special and the photographs after.

Would you change any part of your day or do some things differently. If so, what would it be?
No. There is nothing we would change.

Please share your top tips and advice for other couples embarking on their wedding journey.
Be authentic to who you are. Don't try and please anyone else other than yourselves.

We love their ‘words of Wisdom and advice’ which we know will help so many other couples who are planning an outdoor Elopement or Wedding in many of the stunning locations on offer around Cornwall. We would love to assist you in having the wedding of your dreams, so please get in touch to find out more.




A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of conducting the beautiful outdoor Elopement Wedding for Tom and Charlotte. They escaped to the rugged cliffs of West Cornwall to experience their dream wedding day surrounded by the natural beauty of rocks, waves and a clear blue sky.

There were no large wedding venue costs, fancy cars, floral arrangements to choose or expensive items to buy. By opting for this type of wedding, they were able to fully enjoy their unique, romantic, stress-free wedding day.

Just the 2 of them - intimate, meaningful and magical.


I asked them a few questions about their day to help encourage other couples who may be considering having their own unique outdoor wedding with us.


And this is what they had to say!

How did you pick your photographer and why?
From researching companies on google, we found Cornwall Elopements who were exactly what we were after.

Did you have a theme or vibe for your big day and why was this important to you?
We just wanted our ceremony to be relaxed and easy.

What made you choose WILD BLESSING CEREMONIES as your celebrant?
After having to change our plans due to Covid, we wanted someone nice and easy to work with.
Our ceremony was great, Jacki did a really good job. We were very happy with the ceremony.

Were there any suppliers that really stood out for you and why?
By having our wedding outdoors, we didn’t need to use any other suppliers.

What was your favourite part of the day and why?
Climbing the rocks and being among nature was our favourite part of our day.

Would you change any part of your day?
No, there is nothing we would want to change.

Please share your top tips and advice for other couples starting their wedding journey.
Our advice would be - Forget everybody else's opinions and do what is right for you.

And we couldn’t agree more!


If you would love to find out more about having your own magical wedding day, outdoors in stunning locations around Cornwall with us, please get in touch. So, if you are a wild-spirited, adventure loving couple, we can’t wait to get you wed with a wonderfully wild wedding of your dreams.

More info can be found here -



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At the beginning of March this year I was approached by Jo and Patrick, the talented duo from Enchanted Brides Photography, to find out if I had any availability to create a beautiful Outdoor Elopement Ceremony for a young couple who wanted something unique and magical in a nearby forest.

Even though I only had less than 3 weeks to prepare, I naturally jumped at the chance to help my couple as soon as we were allowed to go back to having 6 people.

We were blessed with perfect weather, a gentle breeze and blue skies surrounded by majestic pine trees, spring was definitely in the air and we all felt hopeful for better days ahead.

This is the questionnaire I asked them to answer so that other couples may learn more about how having a ceremony with me and using Jo and Patrick for their photographs may feel like.

What made you choose your venue?

We both love the outdoors and nature, so to have an elopement in the middle of nature was our dream. A couple of years ago we travelled to Cornwall on our bikes and we absolutely loved it! So, when the opportunity came to have an elopement in a forest in Cornwall which also included a photoshoot on the beach we could not say no. It was definitely the perfect location for us.

What made you choose Jacki from Wild Blessing Ceremonies as your celebrant?

We always wanted a handfasting ceremony, ideally outdoors and in the forest. When Jo told us about Jacki it sounded just like what we were looking for. Once we spoke to her, we felt she was the perfect fit for us. They allowed us to have our ceremony in the most perfect location and all the attention to personalise our ceremony was very appreciated.

What made you choose your photographer?

We did see a lot of photographers online and looked at their work, but when we came across Jo's and Patrick's website we found their relaxed and nature inspired photography style exactly what we were looking for, especially because we are super uncomfortable in front of a camera and they made it so easy and fun.

What was the vibe for your big day?

We wanted it to be a relaxed day, in the middle of nature where we could just focus on each other, so we decided on an elopement, just the two of us. Adding Jacki, Jo and Patrick was definitely the right choice as they are so relaxed and easy going.

What did you both wear for your big day and did you keep it a surprise from one another?

Eliana wore a black long dress from Lulu's and my dress was a white long dress from ASOS. We already had the boots. We did not keep it a surprise from each other as we thought it would be part of the process to decide about all the little details and get ready together.

What accessories, if any, did you choose?

As accessories we had our engagement rings and a gemstone necklace. We also wanted to wear our Pride laces in our boots.


What was your favourite part of the day?

We both loved the entire day! The ceremony was beautiful and much better than either of us had dreamed of, the location was beautiful and just what we had dreamed of.

We had such an amazing day that pointing to only one part is impossible!

I hope this blog has inspired you to experience your own Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Cornwall with us. We have many secret locations for our couples to choose from. You can take your pick from Forests, Beaches, Sea-caves, Cliff tops, Castles and you can even have your ceremony under a starry sky with the Milky Way above. Because my ceremonies are Celebrant-led, you are not tied down by government rules, regulations and restrictions which gives you total FREEDOM to enjoy your wedding in Cornwall, exactly how you want to!

For more info:

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Eloping to Cornwall was a last minute decision!

Having discovered Beacon Crag a stunning venue on the Cornish coast,
a county they both love they booked straight away.
With panoramic views of the sea from every window plus a hot tub we can understand why!!
The vibe of the day was natural, outdoors with an intimate ceremony on the cliffs.

Simple yet dramatic!

On the day Emma brought Hollywood glamour to Cornwall!
She looked stunning in a beautiful silk white/peach Bardot style dress with a slit up the leg and
carried a beautiful bouquet by Sweet Pea Floral Studio.

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I had written beautiful words, and chose the handfasting ropes and charms with care,
keeping Emma and Dave, such a loving couple in mind.
Everything was selected and written especially for them.
I also included their friends and family in the ceremony which
they found so special.

“As soon as I spoke with Jacki I knew that she was the celebrant for us!

She immediately put me at ease and took the time to really find out about me and Dave
and find out all of our history, our story even our feelings so that she could create
a personal and intimate ceremony just for us.

The fact that Jacki took so much time and thought to choose the charms made it feel extra special!
Jacki had to go out of her comfort zone to climb down the cliffs and perform the ceremony -
for this we will be forever grateful and thankful we chose someone who made sure
our day was absolutely perfect for us!!”


“The ceremony was both of our favourite part of the day.

The words everyone spoke, the magical feel of being down on the cliffs making the
commitment to our relationship and to one another whilst the waves
crashed behind us was just breathtaking.

Something we will never forget!!”

Their day was captured by wedding photographer Jo from Enchanted Brides
who caught on camera the vibe of the day with her amazing shots of
us on the cliffs with the waves crashing behind us.

Simple yet dramatic!




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